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US Powerboating Certified Training Center

As a Certified Training Center for US Powerboating, the national leader in on-the-water powerboat training and education, we’re able to offer you the best and most comprehensive hands-on powerboat lessons. Sign up today, and let us help get you on the water.

Unique Ability to Schedule Courses

Our powerboat training academy has a variety of course offerings from 4-hour clinics to 4-day intensive trainings. All our multiday courses are broken into daily modules and run throughout the month so you can choose the individual days or full weekend module to suit your schedule and level of immersion. There is no club to join or dues to pay. You can learn on your own terms and at your own pace.

Comprehensive Selection of Powerboat Courses

Our course offerings range from 4-hour introductory and skill building clinics to 4-day fully integrated courses. Whether you’re looking for an introductory course to see if boating is a sport you want to learn or want to pursue boat ownership and be confident and capable in your boat handling, we have a course that can meet just about everyone’s goals.

Prefer to Learn on Your Own

  • Private instruction on your boat
  • Private instruction on our fleet boats
  • Private Group Lessons for your Family or your Crew

Our Course Offerings

One-Day Clinics

4-Hour: Advanced Docking &
Precision Boat Control

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Course Description

This workshop is designed to give you targeted training to get the skills needed to make your boat do exactly what you want it to do. Teaches you to evaluate docking situations and and develop effective strategies and plans

The ability to maneuver a boat confidently and without “drama” in challenging conditions requires a set of skills that can take years to perfect. If you’ve ever felt anxious or intimidated in challenging docking situations, this program is just what the doctor ordered.

Taught by experts in the art of close quarters maneuvering, this session covers boat handling techniques used by professional captains. It is designed for experienced boat operators regardless of boat size or propulsion type…. the techniques and principles are universal and can be adapted to any vessel.

  • How to quickly evaluate challenging docking conditions
  • How to develop effective docking plans and maneuvering strategies
  • Specific precision boat control skills for maneuvering in wind and current
  • Techniques for recovering and maintaining vessel control in gusty winds
  • How and when to use the “Weather Vane Maneuver” in docking and to get out of trouble
  • Station keeping in strong winds and currents
  • How to use the “ferrying” technique to dock the vessel under complete control in wind or current
  • Techniques for using spring lines in docking and undocking maneuvers
  • Shorthanded docking considerations and crew communication essentials

Duration: 4 Hour
Price: $325 / Person
Course Boat: Barracuda 9

4-Hour: Anchoring
Made Easy

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Course Description

This session covers basic understanding of anchoring in diverse conditions and seabed. It is taught on board by a USCG licensed and professional certified instructor.

This session gives you a greater understanding and essential skills to successful anchoring. At some point in your boating career you will want to anchor. You may want to charter in some vacation spot like the Caribbean where this skill is essential. You may want to enjoy Bay and Delta adventures and stop and fish, swim, have lunch or stay overnight. A second reason to drop anchor may be to control the boat if bad weather is blowing you ashore or if your engine has quit and the wind and current are pushing you into shallow water or other boats. In any case, having a good understanding of anchoring and how to do it successfully is important to boating safety and enjoyment of the sport. What we will cover:

  • Techniques for Setting the Anchor
  • Scope, Chafe, Snubbers, Kellets and Trip Lines
  • Anchorage Selection: Charts & Guides, Picking Your Spot, Swing Radius
  • Setting Two Anchors
  • Weighing Anchor
  • Tackle and Anchor Selection
  • What to train your crew on
  • How to be confident about your anchoring skills

Duration: 4 Hour
Price: $225 / Person
Course Boat: Swift Trawler 34

8-Hour: Basic
Powerboating Skills

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Course Description

This session covers basic and essential skills you need to ensure the safety of the boat and everyone aboard. It is taught entirely underway by a USCG licensed and professional certified instructor.

Basic Powerboating Skills is ideal for new boaters as well as boaters who are returning to boating and want to refresh their boating skills and confidence under the guidance of a professional captain. It focuses on the hands-on skill building.

This session covers essential skills you need to ensure the safety of the boat and everyone aboard. It is taught entirely underway by a USCG licensed and professional certified instructor. It delivers the practical hands-on experience to increase your ability and confidence and leads to greater boating safety and enjoyment.

  • Fundamental close quarters boat control techniques in tight spaces
  • Essential docking methods and crew communication
  • Route planning & how to determine approximate position using a nautical chart
  • Identification and use of Aids to Navigation
  • How to apply the Rules of the Road while underway including required sound signals
  • Open water boat handling including how to safely handle wakes and waves in building seas
  • Powering up, slowing, stopping and adjusting vessel trim using trim tabs and engine tilt features
  • Anchoring techniques including: how to select a safe anchorage, deploying and retrieving the anchor correctly, how to handle and reset a dragging anchor, freeing a fouled anchor, using the anchor to help manage underway emergencies, techniques for rafting up with other vessels at anchor
  • Classroom Sessions: Safety, prep & weather briefings, Maneuvering concepts, Challenge test-out

Duration: 8 Hour
Price: $525 / Person
Course Boat: Barracuda 9

Multi-Day Courses

2-Day: Basic Powerboat

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Course Description

Your introduction to powerboating. Learn to operate a powerboat under 31′ including engine operation, maneuvering, docking, and safety procedures.

These are the general course topics covered in Day 1 of your 2 day certification process.

  • Introduction to course objectives and certification standards.
  • General competency check.
  • Starting procedures.
  • Basic navigation and open water maneuvering, including leaving and returning to a slip.
  • Basic safety procedures.

These are the general course topics covered in Day 2 of your 2 day certification process.

  • Safety prep and procedures.
  • Plotting and tracking a safe course to a destination.
  • Maneuvering concepts and close quarters maneuvering.
  • Final on-water competency and skills test.

Duration: 8 Hour
Price: $1000 / Person
Course Boat: Barracuda 9

2-Days & and 1 Night: Inshore Powerboat
Cruising & Night Operation

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Course Description

Inshore Powerboat Cruising & Night Operations is a two day, one night course for anyone who wants to safely operate and navigate a cruising powerboat on a cruise of multiple days and at night within sight of land.

These are the general course topics covered on the first day of the course:

  • Docking and use of spring lines
  • Anchoring with two anchors
  • Navigation including getting to waypoints and adjusting heading
  • Person in water rescue methods

Duration: 8 Hour
Price: $1200 / Person
Course Boat: Swift Trawler 34

How to Book: Each day of the course is a module. Book the multi-day courses starting with module 1. You can either book all the modules for a course at the time of your initial booking or book subsequent modules as your schedule permits.

Private Lessons

Booking Private Lessons: Our private lessons are tailored to assess your current level and make a plan to get you to your goals for boat handling. Our private lessons are custom designed for you or your group. There is a 4-hour minimum on private lessons.

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