Our Purpose

The core of our business is providing you with the best opportunities to fulfill your yachting goals. The goal of our business is to create happiness in whatever way we touch your boating life, whether it’s a yacht ownership experience, a boat service, boating club or charter experience.  We love boating and know that it is more than a sport as it touches more than the physical aspects of us. There is nothing more freeing and exhilarating than a day on a boat on the water.

There are lots of people who sell boats, so why are we so special?  Because we know it’s more than just showing you boats at our docks. To truly serve and guarantee your successful boating life, it’s a collaboration, an education, and a relationship built on trust and time.

While we share our knowledge and experience, we listen hard to understand your vision, your goals and your needs. We know this is a shared family experience and offer complete services to make your boating years the memories your family will most remember.

We’ve been at this a long time and have learned a thing or two about delivering happiness.

Educate, Serve, and Deliver The Goods!

Our Promise

  • You’ll have fun doing whatever you do with us
  • You’ll feel you’ve got the best value for your money
  • Your family will think you’re very cool

Who we are

Our team has specialists in everything: new boat sales, used boat sales, yacht repairs, boating lessons, custom yacht consulting, chartering, equipment selection, yacht financing, and alternative ownership programs.

We’d love to learn about your boating dream and make it come true.

Our Team