The new owners of our Lagoon 42 came into our office looking to get into boating. They had a dream where they planned to take the next 5 years to learn how to boat and go on coastal cruises so they could build the confidence to then buy their dream boat, a Lagoon 42 (to go cruising with their family).

They looked at our brokerage boats and the dream started to look a bit more like a struggle to accept the idea of the smaller boats, smaller spaces, and used condition of the boat (this is not ever part of the dream for first-time boat buyers that the used boat wold look used!).

Committed to their happiness, our Sales Consultant Samantha Gordon, saw they needed to explore the idea of their dream boat now.

We had a new Lagoon 42 we wanted in our charter program, they wanted a Lagoon 42 in a few years, and with prices going up 5% per year on average, it only made natural sense to choose their dream boat now!

They could learn how to boat on their actual dream boat, be able to go cursing on it, and place it in our skippered charter program when not being used for private adventures (which would save them up to 50% on ownership costs and give them tax advantages).

Living their best boating dream now was a no-brainer buy. From savings a loads of money –  to the happiness of actually having their dream boat  and living a life of joy on their new Lagoon 42.

Below is a fun video we took of their new dream boat christening – Lagoon 42 – Playtime 3! – Congratulations to the New Owners!
Lagoon 42 Playtime 3 Christening Vid Photo Card
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