Have you ever wondered what the journey is like for a boat delivery when the factory is in France and how it makes it all the way to the San Francisco Bay and down to our docks?

Well, you don’t have to wonder anymore! Here is a behind-the-scenes experience of the delivery of our new Lagoon 42.

The new Lagoon 42 traveled from France to the Port of Stockton.

These large ships arrive at the Pilot’s station outside the Golden Gate bridge where a Bay Pilot boards and navigates the ship to the Stockton port. Then the offloading begins!

behind the scenes

We were on call with the stevedores where they fit us in between tons of fertilizer and farm machinery so we could offload off the side of the boat. We then headed down the  Stockton river with giant star wars like cranes!

We arrived only to be turned away by the broken cranes and were on on-call for the next 24 hours (just like when a doctor delivers a new baby) to show up for the offload. Except we waited for ship repairs to offload our new baby.

Lagoon 42 Vid Photo Card

We finally got the go at 5 pm and by 9 pm our baby was launched into the water from the ship. What a joy and relief! The Lagoon 42  was suspended in the air over 70 feet above the water. We waited in the dinghies to get on board and then take the boat on its first San Francisco bay journey down the Stockton Marina.

boat wheel look

At 5 am the next morning, we took her to the boatyard in Richmond, CA. The trip down the river was about 11 hours.

steps on boat

The mast then got offloaded at the yard where we rig it and step it. Later, we take her down to our Point Richmond office to our commissioning dock. That’s when the magic begins and we start to put everything together,  get her detailed, and ready for her new owner!

inside look into boat
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