Jose’s Inspirational Story for Buying a New Boat

I recently met Jose after he contacted Passage Nautical about buying a new Beneteau Oceanis 30. He had done quite a bit of research and had many questions. I was curious about what inspired him to become a first-time boat owner. This is his boating story.

Jose grew up in Mexico City and used to vacation with family in Acapulco where he became fascinated with sailboats. They would always dot the landscape, but he never had a chance to explore his curiosity.  It wasn’t until 2008 when he was traveling, that he finally was able to try out sailing in the Whitsunday Islands of Australia, (near the Great Barrier Reef).  Jose described his experience as magical! He was awed by the  stunningly beautiful environment. This only did one thing…

It fed his appetite to sail and explore more.

In 2013 Jose moved to New York City for his first job after grad school. It was then that he finally took the plunge and began sailing lessons at the Manhattan Sailing School. He described that experience as, “a feeling of freedom and beauty.” He explained how he absolutely loved the smell of the ocean and salt spray in the air.  “Heeling over is the most fun ever and being able to sail around iconic NY monuments like the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island was amazing,” Jose explained.

When asked if there was anything he did not like, Jose, the everpresent optimist, admitted that sleeping on the boat during those group classes was a bit uncomfortable.

After 4 years in New York, Jose moved to San Francisco where he had an opportunity to sail around Alcatraz, past the SF skyline and Bridge to Bridge, which only fed his passion for sailing even more. He would sail regularly on weekends and loved being on the water during Fleet Week and the Blue Angel flyover. His favorite part of sailing in the San Francisco Bay is that he’s able to sail year round and as the weather is a constant challenge, it’s an opportunity to improve his skills.

I asked Jose what was the catalyst to his buying a boat.  He explained that his apartment has a beautiful view of the San Francisco Bay and during the Covid lockdown, while he was home all of the time, he was always seeing boats sailing around. He daydreamed about being on the water with a new boat.

So he started his research and as he has always been attracted to all things French, he was drawn to the Beneteau brand.  Jose then made the commitment to buying a brand new Oceanis 30.1 in August and diligently researched every tiny little aspect of the boat and every option available.

2021 Beneteau Oceanis 30.1



OCEANIS_30_1_PRESHOOTING_INTERIEUR_V2--13-sur-16-.jpg-1900px (1)

He’s  now excitedly and impatiently waiting for his beautiful Beneteau boat to be shipped from the Beneteau factory to California.  When asked how his friends and conservative family reacted to his purchase, Jose told me,  “I haven’t told anyone yet, because it doesn’t feel real just yet.”

Jose is an economist by training and when asked whether he thought a boat was a good financial investment, he responded with, “It’s not necessarily a good financial investment, but definitely a great emotional investment.”

I’m just as excited as Jose about his new boat and looking forward to his boat  christening and drinking some champagne to celebrate his new boating lifestyle and a dream come true.


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