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Boat As A Business Charter Webinar – Every First Wednesday of The Month at 7PM

Boat As A Business Charter Webinar – Every First Wednesday of The Month
From February 3 through December 1, 2016  @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm

ImgresIf you need a big tax break this year, attend our Boat As A Business seminar. Find out how to save on taxes and reduce the cost of boat ownership through charter placement.  Find out how many people find that charter yacht ownership offers them increased ownership benefits from both a financial and lifestyle standpoint.

This seminar gives you the tools you need to evaluate whether this model works for you. The webinar is limited to 15 people to give everyone time to ask questions.

Presented by Lori Cardon, Deb Reynolds & Nick Tarlson, CPA

GT40 SHOOTING 1 DiaporamaStart early in 2016 and maximize your tax savings. We’ve placed boats in charter for over 30 years so we know what has to happen and how. If you’re looking to finance, rates are at an ALL-TIME LOW.  We have boats in stock and charter companies all over the Bay that would love to add them to their fleet.  We have our own skippered charter and limited bareboat fleet which is open for all sizes of powerboats Barracuda 7 & 9, GT40, GT 44, GT 49, MC4, MC5, and Beneteau 31, 38, 41, 45 and Lagoon 380.

Sign up and let us know you’re interested in joining the webinar. We’ll send the link and information for review.

Here’s the link to sign up for the upcoming monthly webinars:  Sign Up