Advanced Online Sailing Education For 21st Century Learning

  • Learn sailing theory on your own time at your pace – eliminate restrictive classroom time
  • More time on the water for hands-on training
  • Comprehensive and detailed training on all aspects of sailing theory
  • Information is always available for review unlike traditional classroom learning
  • Multimedia and mobile friendly courses that operate across all platforms and browsers

Sign up and get started learning today with our on-line training courses. NauticEd International Sailing Education offers the largest and most advanced selection of interactive online sailing clinics and courses available in sail training today. These courses are recognized by the United States Coast Guard and all courses meet the American National Standards EDU-3.

If you’re planning international chartering NauticEd offers the kinds of certifications required or requested by charter companies worldwide. FYI – you only need a Bareboat Charter License in Europe and the Seychelles. In every other location, you do not need a license or certification to sail a recreational vessel. But, required skipper document for every yacht charter company worldwide is a complete sailing resume demonstrating your sailing education, experience as a skipper, and achievements and competency sign-offs by sailing instructors.

Our combination on-the-water courses and the NauticEd system helps you build your resume and issues you the credentials recognized worldwide.

Below are a selection of courses to get you started. When you join NauticEd, included are an online logbook/resume (and some fun apps) to track and record your training and experiences. Your practical on the water training is added to your resume as you complete it with our certified instructors.

Anchoring techniques and troubleshooting: including anchorage selection and etiquette.

A sailor’s skill to read and plan for wind and weather conditions is critical. Learn the basics here.

Essential safety and troubleshooting training, especially for anyone cruising offshore or for extended periods.

Learn the Fundamentals of celestial navigation and using a sextant.

Learn how to operate Marine Electronics like a pro – GPS, AIS, MARPA and GRIBS

Learn to sail and contribute as a crew member on a modern cruising sailboat.

Learn the true art and finesse of trimming the sails in this interactive training clinic.

Even when day sailing, a storm can be upon us in minutes. Be prepared for heavy weather.

FREE!! Learn navigational rules or refresh your knowledge

FREE!! Whether learning to sail or an advanced sailor, this mini-course introduces you to sail trim concepts and techniques.

Sailing Internationally? You need the SLC.

Learn to sail and charter catamarans