Learn how to buy a used boat

A used boat offers great value if you know how to evaluate the boat, its condition, and history. Having the right knowledge of the process and the pitfalls is critical to a successful used boat buying and ownership experience. Here are some simple yet important tips to help you get started.

Whether you’re considering buying a used sailboat or used power boat, start by considering how you’re going to use it and then find a good yacht broker (us!) to help you find the perfect used boat.

A good yacht broker will take the time to help you figure out what you really want/need in your boat and how to achieve your boating goals. They won’t try to sell you any boat just to make a buck. Another benefit of working with a good yacht broker?

Everyone’s first instinct is to search the internet for used boats. This is helpful at first but soon it leaves you feeling confused and overwhelmed by so many boat choices, prices, and lack of information. This is when expert advice becomes vital.

At Passage Nautical we’re more than a boat dealer. Our mission and the cornerstone of our business is to help boat buyers like you have a successful experience. We want to make sure your boat buying journey starts out right from the very beginning.

We believe that educating you on the process of how to buy a used boat is the first step (we’re big on the “teach a man to fish” motto).  It makes your experience less frustrating, confusing, and saves you time and money. Along with our educational webinars and free boating resources, our licensed brokers have many years of transactional experience and great customer service skills. But that’s not all.

We also have a fully staffed service department to help you with after-sales repairs and boat maintenance. We even have a boating school so you can get trained on the boat you buy so you feel safe and confident in your new boating lifestyle. Our business model is made with you in mind during every step of your buying process.


Get educated – save time and money

A bad used boat purchase can be very costly and time-consuming. Your costs can be substantial – you’ll not only lose money but also valuable time that could be spent boating or enjoying life rather than on finding solutions to frustrating problems. We help you with the hard stuff so you can have the best possible boating experience. When you choose Passage Nautical to represent you in your used boat buying process, you’re getting more than just a broker. You’re getting a catered experience that fits your needs.

We offer many free resources to guide you through the many areas of the buying process, from how to finance a boat, what to know before you buy, and the cost of boat ownership.

We also offer free live monthly webinars! These webinars will help you gain the important boating education you need to understand how to buy a used boat and understand how marine surveys work so you pick the best surveyor and understand what you’re getting. Make sure you join our How To Buy A Used Boat Webinar by clicking the button below.

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