Our Strategic Marketing Yields A Quick Sale & Market Rate Offers

The boat you own is a considerable investment in both your time and money.  Selling your boat is also a legal transaction and can be full of risk if not handled properly.

Considering the small cost of brokerage services and the large downside risk of having something go wrong, it would be unwise to consider selling it without the professional assistance of an experienced, licensed, bonded, and qualified Passage Nautical broker.

Here’s how we make the sale to your best advantage

  • We perform a market analysis based on a careful search of the market through a number of industry sites and evaluate what similar yachts have sold for.  Once you agree to a listing price and review all the listing details for accuracy, the listing is made active for the whole world to see.

             YOUR BENEFIT: Competitive market price to attract buyers.

  • Our Service Tech will inspect your vessel using our 18-point checklist at the time of the listing and recommend repairs and/or cosmetic work that will significantly enhance the sell-ability of your vessel. These are key factors in getting your vessel sold at the best price, quickly and with minimum hassle.

             YOUR BENEFIT: More high-quality offers.

  • We advertise in worldwide Multiple Listing Services and do cooperative marketing through other brokers, sponsor regular open houses for the public, advertise in trade magazines, and use our network of personal contacts and current clients to maximize the exposure to your yacht.

             YOUR BENEFIT: Qualified buyers on your vessel.

  • During the selling process, your Sales Broker will give you up-to-date information on what is happening in the marketplace including price, financing, and terms and conditions of competing vessels. Market conditions and boat pricing are constantly changing, it will be our goal to keep you informed through the selling process.

            YOUR BENEFIT:  You are better informed and there are no unexpected surprises.

  • Your Sales Broker will know when, where and how to advertise your vessel to the public. Responses to advertising are prescreened so that only qualified prospects are shown through your vessel. You can be free of concern about the safety of your property as your broker accompanies prospects during this preview process and beyond.

            YOUR BENEFIT: Your investment is safe with us.

  • Our Sales Brokers help you objectively evaluate every buyer’s offer to purchase with an understanding of the offer in relation to current market conditions.  The offer to purchase is only the beginning of a process of appraisal, inspections, negotiations, and financing — a lot of possible pitfalls. Your broker walks you through this process and eliminates as much risk and as many potential problems so the contract can close and you are not burdened with all the small details and red tape.

            YOUR BENEFIT: A smooth closing.

We have two offices to cover the bay, Point Richmond and Jack London Square in Oakland. This allows us to get more casual walk-in traffic which is how people shop today. We handle every part of the buying or selling process including financing, survey, documentation, insurance, transportation, and service. Additionally, we also offer yacht staging and detailing services for our brokerage customers.

How We Market Your Boat

YachtWorld & Internet Sites

Internet shopping is how most boat buyers start, and we start your advertising exposure with YachtWorld. Your listing broker who, working with our Administration department, collects all your boat information, takes photographs and a video and prepares your on-line listing. All of our listings are offered for co-brokerage to other brokerages, maximizing the opportunity to sell your boat. This listing will typically be active within 10 days and will be available through our website and directly on the internet through Yachtworld.com, Marinesource.com, and iBoats.com.

We track the number of hits your listing gets each week and are always looking for red flags as to why your boat might not be getting leads or offers.


Passage Nautical sends out monthly e-mails to our client base, and we always feature our brokerage boats.

We also keep in our database people who are looking for specific boats, and if anyone is on our list looking for your brand or size boat, they are contacted. We also send out dedicated e-mails to other selected brokerages that specialize in your type of yacht.

Print Advertising

Next, we place your yacht in our print ads local and national magazines that fit the demographics of buyers for your yacht.

Open Boat Weekends & Boat Show Events

We have monthly events to showcase our boats to the public. We promote these through many outlets including social media campaigns, direct mail, e-mail marketing, partner marketing and good old fashioned phone calls inviting people to attend. These are very successful and produce results.