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Inshore Powerboat Cruising & Night Ops Certification

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Inshore Powerboat Cruising & Night Ops Certification

This 24-hour hands-on, on-the-water training course is for anyone who wants to safely operate and navigate a cruising powerboat on a cruise of multiple days and at night within sight of land. Students learn:

On-the-Water Sessions
Engine & electrical systems
Use & care of cruising systems: galley, fresh water, holding tanks, genset
Use of spring lines
Getting in & out of a slip
Anchoring with two anchors
Person in Water rescue methods
Maintaining DR plot with time/speed/distance calculations
Determining position electronically & plot it on chart
Navigating to a GPS waypoint & adjust boat’s heading accordingly
Leaving & entering a harbor at night
Lighted aids to navigation
Navigation lights of vessel traffic
Navigating at night

Classroom or Onboard Sessions
Safety, prep & weather
Menu planning & provisioning
Cruise planning
Navigation planning
Dinghy management
Rafting techniques
Use of waypoints, ship’s log, tide/current tables, cruising guides, Coast Pilots, Light Lists
Foreign port documentation & procedures
IALA A & B buoy systems
Night operation: safety, prep & briefing
Night vision effects
Prerequisites: Basic Powerboat Cruising certificate
Suggested Age: 18–adult
Certification(s) Earned: Inshore Powerboat Cruising certificate, Night Operation Endorsement