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Butch Florey

Butch Florey – SalesPurchasing a boat is not your everyday, ordinary purchase. I think it should be one of the most exciting and satisfying purchasing experiences you have in life. You’re not only purchasing years of enjoyment on the water for you and your family; you’re purchasing peace mind that comes with the knowledge you are getting the right boat that fits your dreams and your desires. That is my number one goal when it comes to you. I have clients that have stayed with me all through their boating career, and for a good reason, because I have earned their trust with my years of valuable experience and knowledge, and also, they know I care.

It all starts when we first meet. Yes , I’ll will ask a lot of questions so I can get to know you, but even after our first meeting, you’ll have a much better understanding of how your wants and likes matches up with what is possible. Boating is a lifestyle, it is also personal and there is so much more to the decision than liking the interior or the deck layout. There are a lot of hidden reasons why one boat is better for you than another. This is what you will discover as we go thru this process of finding your dream boat. We all deserve to enjoy life and boating is one of those areas in lives that gives back so much to us and our family and friends.

I can also say with absolute conviction that when people work with me, they know that they have purchase the right boat for themselves and it has been a very satisfying fun experience. When they are ready to move up or change their boating life style in the future, they come back and see me and we get to have a that same good experience together again. Also, I been bless by my clients, they have sent a lot of referrals of their personal family and friends to me. This has been the best indicator of how well I am providing my clients with the right service and finding them the right boats.

The truth of the matter, I get a warm smile when my clients first step on their new boat. Nothing more rewarding than seeing their enthusiastic smiles and excitement as they take their new boat from the dock. That is what makes it all worthwhile.

When I get asked “what makes me different”. My answer is always the same “It’s my clients who make the difference. It is really all about them.” If you would like to have a great experience and fun adventure getting your dream boat, just take a minute and call.

Thank you again for your time today*

Butch Florey



My experience with Butch as my Benateau sales person is one that I will always look on fondly. Butch has years of sailing experience in a variety of roles. He is very knowledgeable about sailing, and willing to share that knowledge with his clients. I am a relatively inexperienced boat person. Butch shared with me the good points and the bad points about various rigging, and other features of boats I was looking at. As he got to know my tastes, he was especially sure to point out any bad points that might be particularly bothersome to me, so that I would be fully informed when I made a decision.

Butch’s great client support did not end with the sale. Since my purchase Butch has been a key link to answer any questions I have, and to spearhead the follow up on a few issues that have come up.

I know that my experience isn’t unique. It is very clear as I met Butch’s peers, other employees at Passage Nautical and other people in related industries, that all of them had a special fondness and a true respect for Butch. Butch clearly has spent many hours going out of his way to help others, and others are ready to do the same for him.

In addition, I received several hours of individual instruction for myself and my boyfriend, on and geared specifically to the boat I purchased. I have taken advantage of a few hours of training already. From the very start Butch seemed to have a knack of being able to understand where I, as a student, was coming from, what background experiences I had that could apply to my new boat, and where I had some gaps that he could fill in. From the first day, I started by learning to back my boat with ease into the slip. We practiced motoring, stopping, turning, and maneuvering in tight spaces. He actually made it very interesting, and now I am very confident in my ability to maneuver this 48 foot sail boat just about anywhere.

Butch helped me pick out the perfect boat for my needs. I don’t think I will ever need another one, however if I decided to upgrade, Butch would be the first person I would want to talk to.