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Reset Your Nervous System – Sharpen Focus – Enjoy The Serenity of Meditation And Exhilaration Of Sailing


Freedom isn’t typically associated with meditation, yet it’s precisely what this practice cultivates—a profound inner liberation that empowers us to navigate life with greater ease, clarity, and peace. Meditation frees us from the shackles of an overthinking mind, excessive stress, past ruminations, future anxieties, and the perpetual worries about time, money, and relationships that often consume us.

Through meditation practice, we develop mindfulness, the ability to fully engage with each moment, enhancing our awareness and appreciation of the present. Mindfulness is also mirrored in the experience of sailing. On a sailboat, we stay aware of wind, waves, and the boat’s response to these elements. This natural, moment-to-moment awareness is mindfulness in action. Both meditation and sailing cultivate this heightened state of presence, allowing us to develop a deeper connection with our surroundings and ourselves.  This practice also fosters emotional resilience, helping us navigate challenges and adversity with greater composure.

Sailing offers a unique complement to meditation, attuning our senses to the rhythms of nature. It possesses an innate ability to anchor us in the present moment, serving as a practical, embodied lesson in mindfulness within a natural setting. As you sail, you enter a state of natural meditation, deepening your connection to the present and cultivating instinctive responses. The hypnotic rhythm of waves and wind guides us toward a profound sense of peace and clarity, further enhancing our body’s healing state. This state is referred to as blue mind.

yacht charterOn board, we play with the wind, connect with the ocean and marine life, and explore simple yet powerful breathwork techniques.  The wind, our breath, and the ocean form an intricate, interconnected web of life. Wind, vital for biodiversity and climate regulation, works in concert with the ocean, which absorbs the carbon dioxide we exhale and replenishes the air with oxygen. Mindful breathwork calms our minds and enhances our physical health and reminds us of our integral role in these natural cycles. Our retreat harnesses the synergistic healing power of nature and meditation to unveil our innate instincts and evolutionary predisposition for natural healing. Discover your own natural instinctive ways towards states of deeper awareness and relaxation, reset your nervous system and rekindle your connection to joy. By combining meditation with the natural environment of sailing, we create an optimal setting for your body to engage its inherent healing capacities.


Who This Is For And Why This Is Different

meditation and stress reductionThe idea of meditation may feel like just another thing to do, especially if you’ve tried it before and felt like you “failed”, while sailing may seem foreign and something else to learn. Our retreat days break open both these myths. You’ll learn natural approaches to meditation and embodying mindfulness through our experiences. Sailing can give you insights into emotional and mental states while experiencing connection, flow, resistance while we sail. 

This workshop is for you if you:

  • Are overworked struggling to manage stress and distractions
  • Suffer from burn-out
  • Abandoned your mindfulness or meditation practices
  • Want practices for self-regulation to support your nervous system 
  • Need a day to detox reset your nervous system

The Unique Benefits of This Powerful Combination

Our unique retreat day offers you natural tools of meditation that you can take back into your daily life, ways to cultivate mindfulness through nature and journaling and breathwork for enhanced self-awareness. Here’s are the 3 profound benefits of the day, and what we can achieve together:

Sailing and the ocean have very unique and special healing qualities, beyond other natural environments. We draw upon evidence-based approaches supported by a substantial body of research science to create these immersive and transformative retreats days: Stress Reduction Theory (SRT), Attention Restoration Theory (ART), Biophilia Theory, and Blue Mind Theory.

Tap into the Biophilia Effect

We often forget our deep-seated connection to nature. Biophilia Theory proposes that humans have an innate tendency to seek connections with nature.  Our innate affinity for the natural world, offers numerous benefits, including stress reduction, improved mood, and enhanced overall health. Our sailing retreat taps into this fundamental need, fostering a sense of connection and well-being as you immerse yourself in the marine environment

Leverage SRT and ART for Your Well-being

Our retreat is grounded in scientific principles from Stress Reduction Theory (SRT) and Attention Restoration Theory (ART). We blend these theories with our immersive retreat, providing a comprehensive approach to mental and emotional renewal.

  • SRT highlights the stress-reducing benefits of natural environments, while  Stress Reduction Theory (SRT) SRT posits that natural environments promote stress recovery better than urban settings. On our retreat, you’ll be surrounded by the soothing rhythms of waves and wind, naturally lowering your cortisol levels and inducing a state of relaxation.
  • ART demonstrates that nature helps restore our cognitive functions, enhancing focus and creativity. As you gaze at the horizon or watch seabirds soar, your mind gets a break from the constant demands of modern life, allowing your attention to reset and recharge.

Get Your Blue Mind On

Marine biologist Wallace J. Nichols coined this term to describe the mildly meditative state we enter when near, in, on, or under water. Our retreat combines sailing and meditation to amplify this effect, promoting calm, clarity, and creativity.

Workshop Details

Time: 10:00 am to 4:30 pm

Cost:  $375/per person, all-inclusive

Limited To 16 Adventurers  – No Sailing Experience Necessary

Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free diets are accommodated

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What’s Included In Our Retreat Workshop

  • Morning explorations and practices, movement and discussion in our waterfront studio.
  • A delectable catered lunch.
  • An embodying, awakening, and fun sailing experience aboard our comfortable private yachts. 
  • A valuable collection of practical tools to enrich your daily life.
  • After sailing group refection and sharing
  • Complimentary journal, pen and take-home information
  • Time to Connect Wine Down social gathering at the end of the retreat (optional)

We value nurturance and comfort. Our studio has chairs, meditation floor cushions, or mats to accommodate preferences for our meditation practices. There are lap blankets, refreshments and pillows for maximizing comfort.

Vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free diets can be accommodated.

Our quest in bringing these workshops alive is to offer personalized, meaningful pathways into meditation that assist in deepening awareness of ourselves, fostering greater connection and self-care, and bringing more happiness into daily life, no matter the outside circumstances of life. Please join us on this special adventure.

Exclusive Support Program For Workshop Attendees

Learning new things is exciting and we leave events pumped to make changes, but to make these changes into new habits, daily  rituals, and mindsets, it takes sustained practice.  Our club is designed to offer this support so you can integrate new ways over time. As a Club Meditation + Sailing member, you’ll enjoy:

  • Monthly Sailing Sunday to reconnect with nature in a novel way and blue mind benefits. 
  • Twice a month evening guided meditations and discussions.
  • Special discounts on all Passage Nautical services.
  • Special discounts on logo wear, journals, and meditation tools.
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Customized to your team’s needs.