See How You Can Save Money & Time With Our Trademark Signature Buyers Service

Buying a used boat should not be filled with unknowns

Your purchase should be filled with excitement and anticipation of your new lifestyle. Our Signature Buyers Service is designed with your personalized care in mind and gives you services and discounts tailored to your boat purchase and needs. Your buying experience is more secure, predictable and affordable.

Some of our program benefits:

  • Discount on survey
  • Discount on haul-out
  • Discount on repair and upgrade services
  • Access to pre-inspected boats
  • Out of state and out of country delivery services

For your security, all our listings are pre-inspected. They go through either a presale survey or our in depth 19-Point Inspection Checklist. You have a clear idea of the current condition and future maintenance.  On all our listings, we provide a history of the boat’s maintenance and serial numbers on all onboard equipment.  Our extensive list of buyer services and vendors has been curated from 35 years of brokerage and industry experience and delivering the highest customer care in the industry.

Become a Signature Client, your benefits begin immediately and last through the lifetime of your ownership experience.

How To Buy A Used Boat - What To Know

Buying a used boat is a sound decision today as inflation is dramatically over pricing new boats and limited part supplies are reducing equipment options and forces manufacturers to build to the supply chain and not customer needs.

We believe that educating you on how to buy a used boat is the first step in the process.  Knowing the process makes your experience less frustrating and confusing and saves you time and money.

We offer free downloads to guide you through the many areas of the buying process:

We offer a free, live monthly webinar on How To Buy A Used Boat to help you gain the important boating education and help

A bad used boat purchase is very costly and time-consuming. Your costs are substantial – you not only lose money but also valuable time that could be spent boating or enjoying life rather than on finding solutions to frustrating problems. We help you with the hard stuff so you can have the best possible boating experience. When you choose Passage Nautical to represent you in your used boat buying process, you’re getting more than just a broker. You’re getting expert service and a catered experience that fits your needs.

At Passage Nautical our mission, and the cornerstone of our business, is to help boat buyers like you have a successful experience. We believe that educating you on the process of how to buy a used boat is the first step (we’re big on the “teach a (wo)man to fish” motto).  It makes your experience less frustrating, confusing, and saves you time and money. Along with our educational webinars and free boating resources, our licensed brokers have many years of transactional experience, online resources, worldwide listing access, loan and insurance sources, and great customer service skills. But that’s not all.

We have a fully staffed service department to help you with after-sales repairs and boat maintenance. We even have a boating school so you can get trained on the boat you buy so you feel safe and confident in your new boating lifestyle. Our business model is made with you in mind during every step of your buying process.

Explore our inventory of used boats for sale or contact us with any questions.

Used Boat Buying Tips

7 Used Boat Buying Tips

  1. Used boats offer more boat for your money while still staying within your budget.
  2. Consider how you’re going to use the boat as this helps to sift through all the choices out there.
  3. Make a list of what you really want/need in your boat
  4. Don’t be discouraged that what’s on the market and what’s on your want list may not match.  We offer options and have lots of brand knowledge to get you close to what you want and need.
  5. Inspect the boat and see beneath the surface.  Engine rooms, bilges and storage spaces can reveal a lot about the maintenance of the boat.
  6. Ask for a history of the boat’s maintenance and recent upgrades and services.
  7. Spend time on the boat in the mindset of how you would use it. Does it fit how you and your family boat? Can you see yourself spending on board?