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Traditional Brokerage Services Have Not Changed In Decades

We're Reinventing Brokerage Services With Our

Reduced Cost Listing Program

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A Full-Service Experience Without The Full-Service Price

Save Money And Time – Reduce The Sales Hassles

Our focused and proven approach to strategic pricing strategies, preparing your boat for market and implementing multi-platform marketing approaches provide you with a low risk high return sales experience.  The world of retail has changed and buyer’s expectations and needs with this.  Old, traditional brokerage processes with fixed commissions, do-it-yourself prep and pricing policies do not provide the services or market information you need as a seller in today’s competitive, uneducated marketplace.

If you want a more personal services, more security and bottom line, a less costly sales experience, list your boat with us.

We deliver higher service for you and the seller and lower your selling costs through our Reduced Cost Listing Program (RCL Program). It guarantees you full service at all touch points of the transaction. With the RCL Program, your vessel is in better selling shape and has more critical information available to a buyer. Buyers have greater comfort and more security in your listing so your offers are clean and aligned with asking.

Best of all, you save money with our program of survey rebates, commission rebates and lower costs to prep your boat for market.


  • 19-Point Inspection Checklist                    
  • Sales Commission Rebates
  • Video & Photo Shoot
  • Maintenance Log
  • Pre-Sale Survey Rebate
  • Bottom Cleanings & Inspection
  • One Month Free Berthing
  • Reduced Cost Detailing 
  • Weekly Washes 

Our program is customized to your boat based on listing price, size and age. There are built in rebates, discounts and savings throughout the process. If you want a customized and personal experience to sell your boat, our program delivers that and more – your satisfaction and happiness.

Contact us about our Reduced Cost Listing Program – Sell your boat faster and for more money.

How Do I Sell My Boat?

You have two options for getting your boat sold:

  • Sell your boat yourself
  • Use a broker to sell your boat

When You Should Sell A Boat Yourself

If your boat is an older boat (1988 or earlier) or under $60,000 in value, your best approach is to sell the boat yourself. Brokers charge minimum commissions, and if your boat sells for an amount under the minimum commission – you pay the higher cost.

Banks do not finance boats older than 1988.  Buyers looking for older boats go to alternative sights like Craigslist, BoatTrader or, not a broker.

When To Use A Professional Broker

For newer boats and sell prices over $80,000, it’s best to use a licensed broker. This sounds like a completely self-serving comment, but a broker saves you headaches, money, and even potential lawsuits. Considering the small cost of brokerage services, and the large downside risk of having something go wrong, it’s worth it to hire the professional assistance of an experienced, licensed, and bonded broker.  There are many details that go into a transaction and many pitfalls. It pays to use professional services.

How much does it cost to sell my boat?

Traditional brokerage houses charge a 10% commission. This is industry standard.  These services are standardized so that you carry the risk and burdens of time and preparation. We use our decades of sales experience and work upfront to alleviate survey issues as best as possible and make sure all the work is done ahead of time for a smooth closing.

The average selling time with this industry model is 347 days according to YachtWorld. This is not how it has to be or how it is with our listings. Our average time on market is less than half the industry standard for boats in our RCL Program.

Our RCL System is designed around your specific boat. The pre-sale preparation process creates high buyer confidence, reduces survey issues and saves you money during the process of selling and when it sells. We offer reduced pre-costs, inspections and maintenance during its time at our docks so once you decide to sell, you can let go and let us bring you offers. Bottom line, with our RCB Program,  your boat is a better qualified listing and the offers are cleaner and more aligned with the strategic pricing

Contact us to discuss our Reduced Cost Listing Program for your specific boat. Our Program offers many built-in services to make and keep your boat more marketable and a cost structure that saves you money and benefit you and the buyer.

Sell Your Boat

How To Get Started

  1. Start by contacting us about our Reduced Cost Listing Program.
  2. Or start with a Free Market Analysis.  Learn about current market conditions and what to expect for selling prices.
  3. Or contact one of our Associates for a conversation.