Trade-In Your Current Boat

We want to make the transition to your new boat as easy as possible and that’s why we have such a great trade-in policy.  Being able to trade means that you can take advantage of current pricing on new boats and any incentives manufacturers might be offering at boat shows.

We offer you the best trade-in numbers and market value for your used boat in exchange for one of our beautiful, new boat models.

Find out how hassle free it is to get into a brand-new boat without having to deal with the hassle of owning 2 boats at the same time or having to put off your new boat and lose financial benefits.  Complete the form below to start your market analysis.

Trade-In FAQs

What’s the difference between trading in my boat and working with a broker to sell my boat?

When you trade in your boat with a dealer, the process is completed and the dealer takes ownership of the boat and is responsible for it moving forward. When using brokerage services to sell your boat, you will continue to own your boat until a buyer purchases your boat.

Why trade in my boat instead of selling it myself?

The primary reason is that it saves you time and money, and you are not at the whims of the market. We give you a complete market analysis of your boat with the dollar amount it will likely sell for. You can see the numbers for yourself. We take off a standard selling commission and you’re all set. You have a guaranteed price. We take over boat ownership when your new boat is delivered.

When you opt to sell your boat yourself, you run the risk of losing both time and money. You may not be able to take advantage of boat show price incentives or secure the best offer. You won’t have to worry about the hassles of showing your boat to potential buyers, sea trialing it or having a survey completed either.

How do I start the trade-in process?

Contact us and we will set up an appointment on your boat to begin the market analysis. We want to learn about your current boat to give you a complete a trade-in evaluation. During this process, we’ll work with you to find you your perfect new boat.