There are some experiences where learning as you go is a good approach...

Buying a boat is not one of them. 

Our Signature Buyers Service is a personalized program that begins with exacting assessments of your needs and the current market availabilities. Our goal is to best align your purchase possibilities with your goals. 

Buying and owning a boat is a large financial commitment.  Our Service provides you with exclusive services and discounts to make your used boat buying experience more secure, predictable and cost saving.  

Our used boat listings are all pre-inspected. They go through a presale survey or our in-depth 18-Point Inspection Checklist. Our extensive list of  buyer services and vendors provides you with reliable help for all your ownership needs. 

For over 35 years of used boat selling and  brokerage services we know how to deliver the highest level of customer care.  As a Signature Client, your benefits begin immediately and last through the life of your ownership experience.

Some of your Signature Buyers Services:

  • Access to pre-surveyed listings
  • Access to listings before they hit the MLS
  • 50% Discount on Survey Haul & Hang
  • Rebate on Survey (conditions apply)
  • West Marine Wholesale Membership
  • Discounted Labor Rates On Passage Services for repairs and services – for life
  • Delivery Detailing when your transaction closes 
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Join our monthly webinar with guest experts to teach you everything you need to know when buying a used boat.

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