Looking to buy a used boat?

Our selection of used boats for sale is one of the best in the Bay Area. From Muir Beach to Half Moon Bay, San Francisco to San Jose or anywhere else in California, we have the largest selection of used boats for sale in California. Besides our listings of used boats for sale in California, we have access to listings worldwide to find you the best used boat match. Whether it’s a motor yacht or sailing yacht, our extensive yacht search services can locate listings anywhere for delivery anywhere – Europe, Caribbean, East Coast or Asia. 

Yacht Insider Program

Be the first to know when new listings arrive

To have access to the newest listings is a full time job. What if you had your own personal yacht broker with access to new listings before or as soon as they go public? It’s possible with our Yacht Insider Program.

When you join our Yacht Insider Programyou tell us exactly what attributes and features you’re looking for in a used boat. We immediately notify you about used boat listings that match the specifications or brands you provided. It doesn’t matter what brand of powerboat or sailboat you want, we help you locate it before it’s gone.  

How To Buy A Used Boat

Save Time and Money With A Bit Of Education

Used boats offer a great value in today’s inflationary markets. Buying a used boat without some education about the process and pitfalls may lead to costly surprises.  We believe that educating you on how to buy a used boat is the first step in the buying process.

Knowing what you’re doing makes your experience less frustrating and saves money. Along with our educational webinars and free how-to resources, our licensed brokers have many years of transactional experience. Visit our page How To Buy A Used Boat for tips and free resources

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