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What's My Boat Worth?  Pricing Is Critical

USED BOAT SALE The most critical steps to selling your boat is determining a fair market price. What you think your boat is worth may not match current market prices.  There are a lot of factors that go into setting a fair market price.  It’s important to know how your boat stacks up against competing boats. You not only compete with boats just like yours, but for all boats similar in size and price.

Research: We offer a full market analysis for your boat that includes past sales, current listings, comparisons, and competing brands. You need to know where you are in the mix to price your boat so it does not sit and keep costing you money every month.

Pricing Tip: What is essential when pricing your boat is to use our research, experience and knowledge and  price where the market deems it to be at the right price. You may want to give yourself negotiating room, but too much and you drop to the bottom of a buyer’s list.

Sell Price: The listing price should be one that generates real interest and showings and one you can live with. When you price too high in the market, your boat will sit and as it is seen month after month by buyers, it will be viewed as undesirable and just keep costing you money.

The most common misunderstandings about the used boat market and pricing:

  • Starting out above market value results in your boat staying on the market too long. The downside is that it continues to depreciate and keeps you paying the overhead when you’re no longer using it.
  • Being the highest priced boat (not because of real benefits to buyers) means you will get fewer people looking at your boat.
  • Understand that boat buyers are in this market because they are price sensitive. A fair and accurate price gives you the best opportunity to grab buyer’s attention.
  • We use the largest, most accurate databases in the marine industry to provide you with a current market value based on condition,  comparative sales reports and listing reports.

Take advantage of our free market valuation service. You’ll know exactly what the competition is for your boat and how to strategically price to maximize your benefits.

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