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Charter Yacht Placement – Too Good To Be True?

Can You Really Offset The Cost of a New Yacht With Tax Benefits and Charter Income?


The answer is yes. Charter placement has been a viable and low risk way to use the same tax benefits as any small business in addition to some very special tax rulings that apply such as the Section 179 deduction.  The benefits of charter placement for boat owners is great. Because you’re placing a piece of machinery into operation, you can take advantage of the Section 179 and depreciation.  You can also write-off all your business expenses and ownership costs. You won’t have to figure this out all by yourself.

With over 30 years of helping people set their boats up as a business, we have plenty of tools and resources to help. We’ll help you set your boat up as a business, understand your requirements for paperwork, marketing, and maintaining your business records.  We’ll help you with placement in a managed program or our skippered charter fleet so that you receive monthly income. You will also receive generous tax benefits, and when combined with the income, can reduce the cost of boat ownership by as much as 50%.

And, it’s not too good to be true. It’s the way charter companies have operated for decades.  Remember, tax laws are put into place to stimulate the economy and benefit tax payers. Taking advantage of legitimate business tax benefits does not put you at risk with the IRS, provided you run your business properly.


ST35 Interior Salon C 0003If you can use tax deductions and want to own a boat, you’re a good candidate.  If you don’t mind other people (qualified and trained) using your boat, that is another plus for you.  If you’re thinking charter placement outside the US, depending upon the program, you get many personal benefits that includes usage of yachts around the world.

We’ve helped hundreds of people successfully operate their boats as a business and have a boating lifestyle of their dreams.  We’re the local leaders in this field with years of experience and many success stories.  The programs we offer are the safest financially, and give you the best revenue options either locally or internationally.

Choose your area of placement either local programs or internationally. We help you place your yacht in local schools and bareboat charter fleets, our skippered charter fleet or a charter fleet in 7 different countries or localities on the world.


1. TAX BENEFITS: By setting your boat up as a business, you take advantage of the many tax saving strategies that any other business does. Because you are putting equipment into operation, you can use the Section 179 Deduction, which allows a business to deduct the full purchase price of financed equipment up to $1,000,000. The equipment must be placed into service in the same tax year that the deduction is being taken. Additionally, all expenses of ownership, berthing, maintenance, insurance, property tax, and more, become business expenses.  You will also be entitled to depreciation expenses.

2. TURN-KEY USE: Boats in charter programs have to be ready to go out at any time. After every use, the boat is inspected, maintenance and repairs made, and it’s ready for use again. The benefit to you is that when you’re ready to boat, your boat is ready for you – just step aboard and go.

3. YOUR BOAT MAKES MONEY WHEN YOU’RE NOT USING IT: Charter revenue can be substantial depending upon the program, the amount of time you want your boat to be used, and the type of charter use. We’ll discuss this as part of the program selection as we help you set up your business.

4. PROFESSIONAL  MAINTENANCE: A boat in charter use receives regular maintenance, both cosmetically and mechanically, to keep it ready to go and looking good. You can have maintenance scheduled and performed for you or you can manage this yourself.  Regular maintenance extends the life of the boat and all its onboard equipment, keeps operations safe, and preserves the boat’s resale value.


Let us show you how to launch your Charter Yacht Business:

For over 30 years we have been helping clients successfully set their boats up as a as a charter business. Our programs lagoon 620are specifically designed for  the private yacht owner who is looking for an exclusive and attentive experience. Our professional tax advisor can help you with an initial consult to see if this makes financial sense and can even work with your personal accountant to get them up to speed on this type of business operation.

Our goal is to help you successfully set up your boat business, meet your ownership goals, and be part of a fleet that fits your lifestyle and financial goals.

We are now partnered with one of the most exclusive lifestyle charter companies in the world.  We have income programs and yacht share programs to fit any interest or goal for international placements.  If you’ve dreamed of yacht ownership and having a boat in either a local fleet on San Francisco Bay or exotic locations like the BVI’s, Croatia, Greece, Italy or even Thailand, we have a program for you.

What’s my first step?


Attend one of our monthly “Your Yacht As A Business” seminars or webinars and learn about charter yacht ownership benefits, or call for a private consultation. Our webinars are on the first Wednesday of every month from 7pm to 8pm. Convenient on-line sign up for our Monthly Webinar