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Learn how to grow your boating passion while the shelter in place order due the COVID 19 has forced us all to stay home in order to keep everyone safe! Although it’s been difficult and challenging especially for those of us who love to be on the water – it’s also been a humbling experience. Here’s how.

During this time we’re being asked to slow down, get back to basics and maybe get back to projects and goals we might of put off because of all the running around and busy lifestyle we are accustomed to. But one thing I know you’ll agree with –  boating has taught us the virtue of patience. What does this mean for you?

It means you can embrace this wonderful virtue to develop your boating skills from home. Maybe take an online course, a webinar, connect with other like minded people online you might never had a chance to, or practice your boating skills with virtual boating games. This is a very unique time to be alive. The entire world is being forced to slow down and smell the roses. So take advantage of it with the following:

Fortunately, below are some recommended boating resources for this week. We hope you’ll find them very informative, fun and they’ll help you expand your boating passions while you shelter in place.

1. Weather Basics

Whether you’re into power or sail, in this webinar presented by Pacific Sail and Powerboat Show, you’ll learn valuable information about weather basics so you always stay safe on the water.

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2. Designing the Best Solar System for Your Boat

Have you ever been stranded on the water because your boat ran out of power?
In this webinar presented by Pacific Sail and Powerboat Show, you’ll learn how to work with solar power and design the best solar system for your boat – so you’ll never run out of power.


3. Test Your Sailing Skills to Grow Your Boating Passion

Who says you can’t practice sailing while sheltering in place? Use E Sailing to practice your sailing skills and even compete with other sailors!

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