Your Yacht As A Business Charter Placement Webinar

Every first Wednesday of the month from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM

If you want to own a boat and offset the cost of ownership, then charter yacht placement is the answer. If you’re unsure how much you will use your boat, charter yacht placement allows your boat to make money when you’re not using it.

Need a big tax break this year?  The tax benefits from placing a yacht into charter can be substantial depending upon your tax situation.  It’s worth looking at if boat ownership is a goal.

Take an hour and attend our Yacht As A Business webinar. Find out the tax laws that you need to follow and how to set up your business to comply with small business tax laws.  Find out how charter yacht ownership offers increased ownership benefits as well as financial.

This seminar gives you the tools you need to evaluate whether this model could work for you. The webinar is limited to 15 people to give everyone time to ask questions.