Passage Nautical Charter Yacht Management Program & Fleet

Our Skippered Charter Fleet on San Francisco Bay

If you want to own a yacht in the San Francisco Bay area and want to reduce the cost of ownership, our Skippered Yacht Charter Fleet is the perfect solution.  Keep your personal yacht for your local use and while you’re not using it, it’s making money in our skippered charter fleet.

With our program, your fleet benefits include regular maintenance, weekly cleanings and higher charter rates than a bareboat program.  Our dedicated maintenance team makes sure your boat is kept in top condition.

Higher Revenue and Less Wear And Tear

Our charter yachts are used for day charters only and always with a vetted US Coast Guard licensed captain. Our yachts are chartered for special occasions, sightseeing, corporate events, film shoots and ceremonies.

Your boat has substantially less wear and tear than when placed in a traditional bareboat charter program. In bareboat programs like traditional sailing clubs or fractional ownership, your yacht is used unsupervised and without oversight.  Usage is far more extensive with overnight use, large class instruction and

Our fleet has both power yachts and sailing yachts in use. Larger yachts do very well in our fleet. The charters are specialty charters for celebrations and special times in people’s lives.  We also partner with local luxury hotels to provide unique and once-in-a-lifetime guest experiences. Our clients are looking for luxury and spaciousness so the yachts we accept need to fulfill their expectations in condition and amenities.

Placing Your Yacht In Our Fleet & Offset The Cost Of Ownership

If you’re looking to offset the cost of ownership and receive the generous tax benefits of operating your yacht as a business, our program is the pathway. We are looking for a yacht that reflects quality and care and has been regularly maintained. We have an active fleet and promote luxury charters, so yachts must be equipped to provide guests with a luxury experience. Please get in touch with us about yacht placement for details.

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