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Your Boat As A Business – Charter Yacht Ownership with Passage Nautical

  • Lagoon catamarans are the world’s number one brand for charter ownership

  • Own a new Beneteau in charter and earn income and realize tax benefits

  • Full 5/7 Year Manufacturer Warranty when you buy through Passage Nautical Your Authorized Beneteau Dealer

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Is Charter Yacht Ownership for you?

When you operate your boat as a business, you can take advantage of generous tax deductions and write-offs such as loan interest deductions, depreciation, and other expenses including berthing, insurance, maintenance, property taxes and more. The combination of charter income from rentals and tax savings often results in positive cash flow for the yacht owner.  Additionally, fleet boats are professionally maintained so it preserves the value of the boat, and it’s always ready to go.  

What are the tax benefits?

Click here for a charter proforma to estimate your tax savings

Why buy your charter yacht from Passage?

We’ve been helping people navigate yacht charter ownership for 30 years.  We help you understand the realities of charter yacht ownership and how to choose the best program that fits your financial and boating needs.

  • We can place your yacht in any of the professional charter companies on San Francisco Bay, Santa Cruz or the Caribbean operating with successful, traditional financial models.
  • Your receive the same warranty as a privately owned yacht unlike the limited warranties for boats purchased from charter companies. This full manufacturer’s warranty is ONLY available through a purchase from Passage Nautical as the exclusive Beneteau and Lagoon dealer.
  • With Passage, you get an objective opinion, expert council and best of all, your choice of charter yacht ownership programs and locations.
We’d love the opportunity to help you with your next purchase and make you part of our boating family.


What’s my first step?
I’m interested in charter yacht ownership

Attend one of our monthly “Your Boat As A Business” seminars or webinars and learn about charter yacht ownership benefits, or call for a private consultation.

Want more information on setting your boat up as a business?

Receive a personalized package of information and attend one of our Boat As A Business Seminars or Monthly Webinars to get the details on how these programs work and how we can help you set this up.

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New Section 179 Limits Established

Section 179 has increased to $1,000,000. Take advantage of this one-time deduction. If you need a large tax deduction the Section 179 is your opportunity. Find out all the benefits of charter yacht ownership at one of our Boat As A Business Seminars or Webinars.

Opportunity Advantages with Passage Nautical Charter Placement

  1. As the exclusive Beneteau and Lagoon Dealer, all our staff and service technicians are factory trained.
  2. You have a full 3 year full boat warranty and 7 year structural warranty, which is transferable. Boats purchased directly from a charter company cannot offer this warranty.
  3. We have exclusive access to all Dealer Services, service & warranty bulletins, product upgrades and immediate access to parts and factory services.
  4. As the dealer, our main focus is on the satisfaction of our clients. You get the attention and knowledge you need for a successful ownership experience.
  5. We make sure you get the professional help of an experienced accountant specializing in charter placement.
  6. You get to participate in all our owner events like our famous annual Beneteau Rendezvous, cruise-ins, seminars, parties, and lots more.