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Be A Better Boater With Our Proven and Effective Private Lesson Curriculum

Our private lessons are a great alternative to rigid group lessons that force you into long days and a fixed timeline. Whether you’re looking to refresh your skills or try lessons first before committing to buying a boat, our private instruction is  the very best way to find out where to focus training to become a competent and safe boater.

Our commitment is to provide our students with a high level of focused attention to fast track competency and skill training. Our flexible scheduling adapts to today’s busy schedules. Practical information is taught on-line so you begin learning the traditional classroom materials before your lessons, not the day of. This early prep makes for more effective learning and greater retention.  You also have materials you can always review as much as you need.  Private learning experiences are proven to improve learning and heighten retention.

We, and science, have determined that a 5 hour day will maximize retention and learning. After your initial assessment, we’ll start with a clear sense of your learning style and the areas you need to focus on for your full education. We create customized learning experiences for your education to successfully meet your boating goals, whether it’s boat ownership, chartering, or being a better crew member.

We have a fantastic team of qualified instructors who will get you confident in your skills so you’re boating safely on your own in no time.  All our lessons are taught on new Beneteau boats so you have the latest in designs, electronics and industry technology.

Our private lessons are offered all year long, seven days a week, with start times from early morning to late afternoons.  Give us a call or book your package on line and we’ll schedule your customized learning experience.

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Book a single day or our 20 hour course for focused, customized learning

Our single day lesson is a great starting point if you’re wanting to refresh your skills or are new to boating and want to make sure boating is for you. Our one day lesson gives you a focused sense of your skill sets and quickly helps you understand your level of comfort on board.

In our 20 hour course you’ll get your skill levels up in half the time of large classes. The courses is taught to the US Powerboating Curriculum for the (plus some added hours to insure your competency). DOWNLOAD our course content for the skills competency curriculum and overview of the course.

Our highly experienced instructors will help you quickly determine where you are most comfortable and where you need that extra focus and attention.

Enjoy Flexibility – Book any day of the week between 8:00AM and 4:00PM

  • We only require a 72 hour advanced notice for your private lesson
  • You choose the start time and days for your lessons
  • Five hour minimum for private lessons
  • Powerboat lessons are on our Barracuda 21′ (single engine) and  Barracuda 24′ (twin. engine) outboard boats
  • Classroom learning is on-line with NauticEd and through our Student On-line Resources
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