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Join us on a private luxury skippered yacht charter and be part of maritime history as we experience the excitement of the Blessing of the Fleet tradition! Feel the pulse of over a century of seafaring lore, groove to the vibrant beats of the “Rockin’ on the Bay” parade theme, and secure your front-row seat to witness the breathtaking display of over 100 vessels. Surrounded by the laughter and connections of friends and family, this is more than just the start of a new boating season—it’s an exhilarating experience you won’t soon forget on San Francisco Bay!

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Amplify Your Event Or Celebration With The Excitement, Fun, and Well-Being Benefits Of Our Bay Experiences

OMG‼ What an experience of a lifetime‼ My family and I had the perfect Family Day out with Passage Nautical‼ Absolutely great service! I only had one problem: my kids didn’t want it to end. Thank you, guys, for such a great time. We’ll be back! I highly recommend this experience of a lifetime!   Charles H.

Create a spectacular experience and something wonderfully unique for family, friends or corporate and book a private yacht charter.  Choose from our fleet of luxury power and sailing yachts. Our Skippered Charter Fleet offers the opportunity to create magical days on San Francisco Bay for any occasion. Yacht charter experiences are customized to your group.

We arrange gourmet catering from our list of hand-chosen caterers, or you can bring your own food and alcohol.  All yachts are stocked with water, sparking waters, and sodas. Our luxury charter yachts offer a multitude of options for creating the perfect experience.

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Modern-Day Meditation Meets The Mindfulness Of Sailing

Meditation is a pathway to lasting and long-term well-being, and there are many doorways in.

Come Explore Different Kinds Of Meditation And Embody The Joy Of Mindfulness Through Sailing

Day Retreats To Set Yourself Free

meditation retreatEveryone has experienced a state of meditation at some time in their life. Taking a quiet moment to watch the sunrise or sunset, wandering in nature lost in its beauty, or floating on your back in the ocean with the sun warming your face. These are all moments of meditation when our mind’s constant chatter, the day’s stress, and the constant flow of thoughts of the past or future flow through us or disappear in the present moment experience.

Meditation and mindfulness are already capacities our bodies naturally have to recharge and rewire our nervous systems.  We don’t realize it and get caught in misunderstandings of what meditation is,  never allowing ourselves to learn a natural path for us so we can experience its life and health-changing benefits.  While meditation is known to break the accumulation of stress and help restore calm and a myriad of other benefits, sailing has its own unique healing qualities and is both physically restorative and increases well-being and mental clarity.  You will experience this powerful combination at our one-day retreats.

Meditation is A Natural Rejuvenation State For The Body, And Every Body Needs To Recharge. Reconnect To Your Joy!

There are many paths of meditation, and they all share one common goal, which is emotional freedom, deepening self-awareness and mastery.  Our quest here is to introduce you to the many ways you can add meditation to your life that fits your body, your mind and a practice you love to do.  Meditation is a powerful practice for expanding our relationship to life and ourselves, helping us adapt to life’s stresses, gain more self-regulation, and heal and retune the nervous system. Adding our sailing experience creates a body awareness that deepens all the benefits and reconnects us to the joy of being present to life.

Our retreats are one-day events to introduce, expand, or deepen the meditative experience. Every body is different, which is why there are many styles of meditation. We explore them in class so you can find the one that fits you best.

Explore and Learn Techniques That Work For You. Deepen Your Current Meditation Practice. Learn To Embody Mindfulness Through Sailing.

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What Meditation Is Not:

  • It’s not stopping your mind from thinking
  • It’s not about sitting still like a monk
  • It’s not about feeling your feelings and processing
  • It is not separate from our relationship to life
  • It does not take years of practice to have benefits
  • It does not take much time each day to reap substantial benefits
  • It’s not a religious practice

What Meditation Is:

  • It’s learning to develop deep restfulness for the body and mind
  • It’s freedom from the tyranny of thoughts, negative emotions, and rumination
  • It’s an act of learning to experience life with more clarity
  • It helps develop better concentration and focus in this massively distracting world
  • It’s a method for making profound discoveries about how your mind works and how it runs us maybe in the wrong direction
  • It helps us cultivate resiliency
  • It allows us to get in touch with our deeper nature of feelings and our sensual nature
  • It helps us to be less reactive
  • It’s a state of restfulness that recharges our body and calms the nervous system

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The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever…

Jacques Yves Cousteau

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