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The Only Exclusive Luxury Yacht Charter Fleet On The Bay

We have been curating charters for decades, creating unforgettable yachting adventures in the vibrant backdrop of the San Francisco Bay.  Enjoy our diverse range of custom services for your special occasion and all on pristine, luxury yachts. .Join us where adventure meets serenity, and every moment is filled with possibilities. 


Create an experience that is wonderfully unique and spectacular for your family, friends or corporate teams.  Choose from our fleet of luxury power and sailing yachts. Our Skippered Charter Fleet is diverse offering many different kinds of boating experiences with a wide range of pricing to meet just about any budget. We always aim to make your experience with us customized for your event and guests.

  • Bring your own food or choose from our hand-chosen list of high-quality caterers.
  • You can bring your own alcohol, and there is never a corkage fee.
  • All our yachts are stocked with water, sparking waters, and sodas all in recyclable aluminum cans (no plastic here!).
  • Check out our Signature Onboard Services to make your event or play day with us memorable and special.

Every year:

  • We keep over 1500 single-use plastic bottles out of our ocean.
  • We keep over 3000 pieces of plastic service wear out of our ocean.
  • We use all compostable plates, cups, knives, forks, spoons, and napkins.
  • We serve water in recyclable aluminum cans (an infinitely recyclable material).

Get the facts on PLASTIC and our oceans.

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Detox Your Nervous System - Reclaim Your Attention - Sharpen Focus - Master Your Stress Response

Experience The Potent Combination Of Meditation + Sailing For A Transformative Experience

meditation on the waterWe have all read about the great benefits of mindfulness and meditation. While all of us have experienced the heightened states of happiness and relaxation in nature, we may not know why.  The biophilia theory posits that our evolutionary history is deeply intertwined with the natural world and has fostered a psychological, emotional, and cognitive bond with nature.  We draw upon evidence-based approaches supported by a substantial body of research science to create these immersive and transformative retreats days: Stress Reduction Theory (SRT), Attention Restoration Theory (ART), Biophilia Theory, and Blue Mind Theory.

There is no doubt about the healing and restorative properties of nature, but there are special benefits we gain when we are on or near the water. Bodies of water change our physiology, and sailing puts us immediately in a calm state, releasing dopamine, naturally relaxing us. We arrive in the present moment, having the experience of mindfulness without effort.  We have all experienced states of meditation naturally. Go watch a sunset or sit by the ocean and listen to the waves crash. You are probably feeling a bit of relaxation just imagining your self there.

There are many kinds of structured meditation practices and philosophies, but they all share common goals: emotional freedom, deepening self-awareness, mastery of our emotions, mindfulness, and for some a spiritual growth path. We draw upon the essence of meditation practices to provide you with straight forward access and simple pathways to experience the benefits of meditation to heal your nervous system and calm the mind

Designed For Everyone To Experience A Profound Reset Through Nature Sailing The Bay and Natural Meditation

(No Sailing  Skills Required)


Our day retreats guarantees a reset of your nervous system and shows you to quick and effective meditative, mindfulness and breathwork techniques that support your body and mind in the management of stress, overwhelm, and distraction. We harness the rejuvenating and grounding powers of the ocean to enhance and expand the experience of mindfulness and multiply the tools introduced.  Our instinctive and deep connection with nature is experienced first hand on our sailboats as we move through the waves and wind with each other and the marine environment.

You will experience new and simple tools to establish a practice and learn how to take mindfulness and calm into your daily activities and relationships . Leave with valuable insights and support for your continued practice. Our Meditation + Sailing Club provides ongoing support to help maintain your practice.

Our Retreat Day:

  • Introduces you to your body’s natural pathways to mediation that don’t complicate your daily routines. Learn instinctive and immediate practices.
  • Introduces and expands on other simple, adaptive practices like breathwork, journaling and movement to use for immediate de-stressing, expanding mindfulness, and relaxing the body.
  • Give you easy practices to help you adapt and integrate more easily with life’s stresses and emotional challenges with a greater sense of happiness and calm no matter what the external circumstances.
  • A day in nature is known to reset the nervous system. Learn more about how to work with your nervous system to reset it and support your body in stressful times.



  • August 24, 2024
  • September 21, 2024 
  • October 5, 2024

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Contact us about our high-touch, effective, and transformational retreat day for your executives and teams. Workshops can be held weekdays or weekends.

Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than those you did. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from safe harbor. Catch the wind in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Mark Twain

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