President of Passage Nautical – Deborah Reynolds

For over 35 years, I have had the great privilege of helping people get on the water and enjoy one of the most exhilarating, beautiful sports and empowering sports. Boating is a sport of passion and one that helps people to experience great mental and physical health benefits. It can change people’s lives in very beneficial ways.

My goal has always been to provide people with the opportunities and services to get them enjoying the awe-inspiring and transformational benefits of being on the water. In 2012, we realized a dream of mine for my business with the launch of our luxury skippered charter fleet, private powerboat training academy and certified sailing school. I am excited to offer people a new and flexible way to learn and boat without the constraints and high costs of traditional boat ownership, standardized, generic boating courses, and expensive fee-based programs for club sailing. We’re creating new features every month to find ways to allow people to experience a sport that has been oftentimes considered elitist and hard to access. We make our services flexible and affordable and an escape from the daily grind.

I have always been committed to living healthy and including nature and meditation as part of mental and physical health and well-being. I firmly believe in the health and well-being attributes the sport of sailing and the positive benefits it contributes to people’s lives. With this belief and commitment in mind, I launched an innovative and groundbreaking offering of meditation training and sailing, optimizing the extraordinary benefits of both.  Offerings of mindfulness training and other meditation practices combined with sailing experiences continue to grow and expand. Soon we are launching transformational singles workshops and boating events that will help people looking for conscious, loving relationships find their perfect match. 

What sets me apart is my unique blend of expertise. Not only am I deeply involved in the boating world, I also possesses a wealth of knowledge in areas of mental health and spiritual well-being. I hold a degree in psychology, coaching certifications, and am a certified teacher in various meditation and mindfulness practices.  I am combining these two worlds to offer something truly distinctive. By fusing boating and its many health benefits with the world of mindfulness and other health practices, we’re creating a transformative experience that allows people to connect with the water on a deeper, more spiritual level, enhance their overall health by being, and learning or deepening meditation and mindfulness practices which they can carry the benefits with them on land.

Boating is all about passion, and our dedicated team shares this fervor. They’re committed to helping individuals achieve their boating and personal dreams and understand the multitude of health benefits that come with being out on the water and taking time for rest, rejuvenation, and mindful living.