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Start boating today with our Nautical Access Power Boat Club.   Get on board new Barracuda and Antares outboard boats from Beneteau, the world’s largest manufacturer of yachts.  Our power boat club provides you with private access to a durable and rugged fleet of Beneteau yachts suitable for all kinds of activities: fishing, touring the Bay, commuting, or taking your friends and family out for a great day of boating.

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How does our Nautical Access Power Boat Club work?

Two Membership Programs:

Express Membership:
The Express Membership puts you into our fleet of Antares and Barracudas from 21′ to 24′.  We offer three levels of use with low monthly fees.  There is a one-time initiation fee and memberships are for life with annual reviews so you have the opportunity to stay in the same program or move to a different membership level. Choose your membership plan: 12 days per year, 24 days per yer or unlimited use in our program. You’ll have access to a fleet of new, exciting boats for your use.

Barracuda 21

Barracuda 23

Antares 23

Elite Membership:
The Elite Membership puts you into our Antares and Barracuda fleet of 27′ boats. We offer three use plans of either 12, 24 or unlimited days per year. Boat from sun up to sundown any day of the week. Overnights available as well. There is a one-time initiation fee and memberships are for life with annual renewals where you can choose to remain at the same membership level or move to a different membership level for different number of days of use.

Barracuda 27

Antares 27


  • Up to 24 hours of on the water instruction included
  • On-board training on all boat systems & equipment
  • All maintenance and servicing of fleet boats is included. You pay only for fuel you use
  • 24 hour on-line scheduling system
  • Boats are always ready for your use
  • Coast Guard-required safety gear on board at all times
  • U.S. Coast Guard vessel safety checks on all boats
  • Overnights available in our Elite Fleet
  • Last minute reservations available






If you’re new to boating or getting back into boating, you’ll enjoy our private boating lessons included with every membership. You’ll benefit from the ability to take additional private lessons whenever you want.  Training all happens on the club boats, so your level of confidence and safety are assured when you set out on your own to boat.

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