San Francisco has many wonders, stunning vistas, and iconic sites. There are too many to mention here. However, a great way to see a few of the most famous can be chartering a yacht or powerboat for the day.

Chartering a private yacht gives you an extraordinary and unique opportunity to see these iconic sites up close and personal. For anyone sailing under the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time, charter a yacht on the Bay for a memory that lasts forever.



The GoldenGate Bridge is the crown of San Francisco, famous across the globe for its iconic orange arches. It’s named after the Golden Gate Strait upon which it stretches. It connects the city of San Fransisco Bay to Marin and provides an epic view of the Pacific Ocean.

When constructed in 1937, it set the world record for the longest bridge span and the tallest bridge towers.

Built to facilitate travel between Marin County and San Francisco, it’s the city’s most photographed location – for a good reason. Its bright color, sweeping cables, and impressive height make it incredibly photogenic.

Besides walking or biking across its length, another great way to experience the bridge is to sail under it on a private yacht charter. A private charter allows you to experience its expanse, impressive scale and features like no other experience. The bridge’s structure, the beautiful ocean views, and the cities it connects make it one of America’s most impressive man-made sights. Bring your camera on your private yacht charter for some great photo opportunities


Crossing The Golden Gate Bridge

When traveling from San Francisco to Marin, the Golden Gate Bridge connects you to numerous other places worth exploring. There is another world to explore just across its expanse. In Marin County, you’ll find bayside trails, scenic recreational locations, quiet beaches, old military sights to explore, and quaint, famous cities like Sausalito, Tiburon, and more. Many hiking trails bring you somewhere new and fascinating, many of which are part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.



Alcatraz Island, often called The Rock, is the site of the infamous Alcatraz Penitentiary. It served as a fort since the 1850s; before that, it was the home of the main prison building. It was constructed around 1910 to serve as a US military prison. In 1933 it was adapted into a maximum security federal prison. Given its high security and location in freezing waters and strong currents, it was considered inescapable and America’s strongest prison. It was designed to house the country’s most dangerous inmates and was the last stop for those deemed the worst of the worst, those unable to be rehabilitated, or who proved too great a challenge to be housed in other facilities. 


Famous Inhabitants of Alcatraz Island

al capone in alcatraz prisonMany inmates were famous American gangsters, including Al Capone, Machine Gun Kelly, Micky Cohen, and Whitey Bulger. Due to its reputation, perhaps the most famous prison break in American history occurred in 1962 when four inmates, John and Clarence Anglin, Allen West, and the group’s leader John Morris. Morris was reported to have an IQ in the top 2% of the general population and would later be played by Clint Eastwood in a dramatized version of events in the film Escape From Alcatraz. 


The Famous Escape From Alcatraz

These men hatched a daring escape attempt. They were all sent to Alcatraz because of escape from alcatraztheir previous successes or near success in escaping from other maximum security prisons in December of 1961. They were all acquainted with each other in earlier incarcerations, and when given adjoining cells on Alcatraz, it was only a matter of time before they devised a plan. On the night of June 11, 1962, they put their plan into motion. Using paper-mache, they constructed heads left in their cells as decoys. They stitched together a life raft made from raincoats (using a design Morris got from an issue of Popular Mechanics).


They escaped into the vents and made it into the water. However, due to a mishap, Allen West could not open the vent in his cell and thus stayed behind. The remaining three were never recovereddead or alive, and whether they survived is unknown. However, many theorize that they did, and it remains an open case to this day, thus making it the only successful escape in this prison’s history. Since then, many people have successfully attempted the same swim, bolstering the belief that they made it. 


The Closing Of Alcatraz Prison

Alcatraz was closed shortly after that. The notorious location received 1,576 convicts during its three-decade operation period. It was reopened in 1973 after ten years of inactivity as a museum and tourist attraction, bringing in around 1.5 million visitors annually. It is also considered one of the most haunted locations in America due to its history of larger-than-life characters, death, and violence. Many visitors report strange sensations and supernatural occurrences during the island’s night tours. Records also suggest that Native Americans had feared the island’s evil spirits long before the first European settlers arrived.

Unknown Facts About Alcatraz Island

Of course, there’s more to Alcatraz Island than the prison itself! You’ll find a Civil War fortress and the west coast’s oldest operating lighthouse here. There’s even a bird sanctuary.

Alcatraz Island is only accessible by crossing the water to get to it. There are two ways to see the island. If you want to land on the island and do a walking tour, you can take a ferry with an educational audio narration feature to learn more about Alcatraz prison, complete with former guard and inmate voices. Day and night tours and a regular selection of special events are offered. 


Another incredible way to see the island is to sail around it on a private yacht charter. On a boat charter, the island can be viewed from all angles while touring the Bay. 



Angel Island was named by Spanish naval officer Lt. Juan Manuel in 1775 after spending a month mapping the Bay. He named the island after the Catholic feast day closest to his discovery, which was then shortened to Isla de Los Angeles or Angel Island. 

angel island charter a yacht

There are also many hiking and biking trails ranging from strolls to more challenging hikes, with most offering stunning vistas of the Bay Area. The island has some full-time housing for workers and campsites, which are extremely popular year-round. However, most people on the island are day tourists as it is only accessible by boat or ferry. It’s a lovely spot to visit all year round (though you will want to bring a jacket as it can get chilly, especially in winter. 

The Diverse History Of Angel Island

angel island historyIt is also known as the Ellis Island of the West, served as a processing center for immigrants arriving on the West Coast and was the point of entry to The United States from Asia. While the exact number is unknown, it is estimated that between 1910 and 1940, it processed up to one million Asians and other immigrants, including 250,000 Chinese and 150,000 Japanese immigrants. 


Almost 700 Japanese immigrants were also sent to the island from Hawaii after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec 7, 1941. During WWII, the island was home to Fort McDowell and was used to ship over 300,000 soldiers to war. 


It was also used to house prisoners of war before they were sent to other facilities. The fort remained in operation until 1946. Today the Island boasts stunning views of Alcatraz, San Fransisco, Berkeley, and Oakland. 

If you can sail the Bay on a private yacht charter, it’s a great place to stop for a picnic and some fantastic photo ops. It’s yet another beautiful location filled with history and astonishing views not to be missed while chartering a boat to explore all the Bay has to offer. 




While on your charter, after sailing under the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, you will be in a prime location to see the gorgeous San Fransisco city front, taking in the views of Coit Tower, Fisherman’s Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, Palace of the Fine Art, and Pier 39 to name a few. It is incredibly stunning as the sun sets into the evening as the waterfront lights up so brightly it can be seen for miles. 

It is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular cityscapes in the United States and attracts tourists from all over the globe, and seeing it from the water offers a view unlike any other.




McCovey CoveA must-visit place for Baseball fans is McCovey Cove, the unofficial moniker of an area just beyond the right field wall of Oracle Park, home of the San Fransisco Giants and named after Giants first baseman and slugger Willie McCovey, whose statue looks over this peaceful waterway. 


Take in a baseball game on board the boat. Anchor in the cove, and if you want to try your luck at catching a home run, this is the place to be. Here you can also barbecue and enjoy all the comforts of your private charter yacht, complete with crew. A favorite spot for locals and visitors alike, especially during Baseball season; however, it’s a beautiful place to enjoy year-round.