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We designed a new kind of club for people looking for an exclusive, quality experience for learning to sail and modern sailing.

Your initiation fee and monthly dues give you access to our new Beneteau yachts. Lessons are included in your membership along with maintenance, fuel, cleaning, repairs and sundries. Learning on the fleet boats builds your level of confidence and safety.

Use our convenient online booking system to access boats and lessons.  Our low boat to member ratio guarantees you access.

Experience the boating lifestyle now

Our club program is designed to be flexible with a high degree of services included.  If you decide that it’s time for you to own a boat, we have a large selection of new and used boats.  As a boating club member, you receive first time boat buyer benefits from our Sales Department. Check out our skippered charter fleet placement for excellent tax benefits and income.

How does our Nautical Access Sail Share work?

Two Membership Levels:

Week-Day Membership:
The Weekday Membership is built for people who can sail weekdays. You’re not restricted to a number of annual days in the membership.  Sailing lessons are included in your membership.  Book your sailing days on our easy to use on-line system.  You pay a one-time initiation fee when you join. Your membership fee and dues includes lessons, maintenance, repairs, fuel and supplies and best a of all access to new Oceanis yachts.

Any-Day Membership:
The Any-Day Membership is built for people who want the most flexibility in their sailing calendar. Sail on weekends or weekdays. Pay a one-time initiation fee and monthly dues for flexible sailing.  Book your sailing days on our easy to use on-line system.  Your initiation fee includes lessons, orientations, discounts and supports maintenance and access to new Oceanis yachts.

Membership Benefits

  • 30 hours of Instruction included for boat training
  • U.S. Coast Guard vessel safety checks on all our boats
  • Coast Guard-required safety gear on board at all times
  • Boats are fully equipped
  • On-board orientation of equipment safety points on all fleet boats
  • Training on electronics and access to online navigation courses
  • All maintenance and servicing of fleet boats is included in the membership
  • 24 hour on-line scheduling system
  • Boats are always ready for your use

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