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Boat ownership is a someday goal for many people, and with our Nautical Access Boating Club, someday can be now. We have a boating club for both powerboaters or sailors.  When you join, you sign up for an annual membership with different levels of memberships based on the number of days per year you want to boat.  As part of your initiation fee, you’ll get private boating lessons so you feel completely comfortable and competent to handle the boats in the fleet.

Your membership renews annually, and you can renew at the same membership level or move to another level.

Nautical Access Power Boat Club

Our power boating club provides you with private access to a durable and rugged fleet of Beneteau Antares and Barracuda yachts suitable for all kinds of activities: fishing, touring the Bay, commuting to different parts of the Bay, or a taking your friends and family out for a great day of boating.

Nautical Access Sailing Club: (Launching April 2020)

Our sailing club offers membership sailing on a fleet of new Beneteau Oceanis 30.1, 35.1 and 38.1 yachts. Bay sail on the world’s most desired brand. Enjoy luxurious appointments and fast, comfortable sailing. Membership includes lessons to get you comfortable and skilled at handling the boats in the fleet.

Our Club Programs Are An Easy And Affordable Way To Get Boating Today

How do our boating clubs work?

Nautical Access Sail Boating Club:
The sailing club puts you into a fleet of new Beneteau sailing yachts from 30′ to 40′ and offers three levels of use with low monthly fees.  Lessons are included in your membership, and if you want additional time, private lessons on board can be arranged. There is a one-time initiation fee and memberships are for one year. At the end of the year, you can renew in the same program or you can move to a different membership level. Choose your number of days of use. If your sailing experience inspires you to boat ownership, we have special purchase programs for club members.

Nautical Access Power Boating Club: 
The powerboating club puts you into our Antares and Barracuda fleet of rugged and well appointed outboard boats from Beneteau.  We offer three use plans from 12 days per year to 36. Boat from sun up to sundown any day of the week. There is a one-time initiation fee, and memberships are for one year. Renew at the same level of use or move to a different membership level to change the number of days of use.  If at the end of your year, you’re considering boat ownership, we have excellent buying benefits for boating club members.


  • 12-20 hours of Instruction for boat training depending upon your membership level
  • U.S. Coast Guard vessel safety checks on all our boats
  • Coast Guard-required safety gear on board at all times & high quality life jackets
  • An on-board walk-through of equipment safety points on all fleet boats
  • Training on electronics and access to online navigation courses
  • All maintenance and servicing on fleet boats is included in the membership – no extra fees . You pay only for your fuel as you use it
  • 24 hour on-line scheduling system
  • Boats are always ready for your use

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