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Boutique Club Experience, Low Member Ratio and Customized Membership Plans

If boating is one of the life experiences you want to enjoy, our Nautical Access Power Boat Club offers unique features and benefits for people looking for a personalized and personal experience of boating.  Our power boat club is like your own private yacht club and provides you with private access to a durable and rugged fleet of outboard boats. Our power boats are suitable for all kinds of activities: fishing, touring the Bay, commuting, or taking your friends and family out for a great day of boating.

Join the club and learn to boat. Lessons are included when you join. Our powerboat club is the closest experience you have to private ownership but without the responsibilities.  Have the freedom to boat on the Bay as many days as you want with our flexible membership plans. San Francisco Bay boating has never been easier or more fun.

Access Our Club Brochure: Boat Like An Owner at 70% less than the price of private ownership.

What Makes Our Boating Club Unique (and Better!)


  • Lessons included – your confidence and competency guaranteed
  • On-board training on all boat systems & equipment
  • No charges for the maintenance and servicing of fleet boats
  • 24 hour on-line scheduling system
  • Boats are always ready for your use
  • Coast Guard-required safety gear on board at all times
  • U.S. Coast Guard vessel safety checks on all boats
  • Overnights available in our Elite Fleet
  • Last minute reservations available

Experience The Boating Lifestyle Now

If you’re new to boating, or getting back into boating, you’ll enjoy our private boating lessons included with every membership. You’ll benefit from the ability to take additional private lessons whenever you want.  Training all happens on the club boats, so your level of confidence and safety are assured when you set out on your own to boat.

All reservations are done on-line and available 24 hours a day with the ability to make last minute reservations.  The boats are all prepped and ready for your use.  When you return, just fill up with the fuel you’ve used, complete the check-in and off you go.

Our Fleet

Barracuda 8 (26′)

Barracuda 8

Antares 8 (26′)

antares 23

Barracuda 9 (29′)

barracuda 21

Antares 9 (29′)

antares 27

What members are saying about our club

“I joined the boating club because I wanted to get on the water outside of sailing and not have the additional responsibilities of the boat beyond taking it out.

The instructor was great and he was able to custom fit to my level of experience. I enjoy the ability to get on the bay easily almost anytime and the access to boats has been great.

Sam has been awesome to work with! I’m really enjoying the club. It’s a totally awesome way to get on the water and try a variety of powerboats!”  -Obadiah O.

“I have always had a desire to explore boating and your club provided the opportunity. I’m enjoying the earlier training as well as set up and the online app makes it easy to reserve the boat.

The instructors were great! They were easy to work with and learn from.

I am happy with the program so far. I have already taken a couple of family friends who are interested in boating to give them the first hand experience if they would like to join.

The boats have also been clean and reservation has been organized. Thank you!”


-Ali A