Charter Yacht Management Programs

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Our Charter Yacht Management programs are specifically designed for the private yacht owner who is looking for an exclusive and attentive yacht ownership experience that allows for the offset of expenses.  Our professional tax advisor can help you with an initial consult to see if this makes financial sense and can even work with your personal accountant to get them up to speed on this type of business operation.

We have programs to suit all tastes and needs, from local programs for small sailboats to large skippered charter yachts operating almost anywhere in the world. There are three main avenues for charter yacht ownership:

  • Local Skippered or Bareboat charter fleets
  • International charter placement in a managed fleet (Caribbean, Europe, Asia)
  • Private charter yacht management for yachts over 65′

Our goal is to help you successfully set up your boat business, meet your ownership goals, and be part of a fleet that fits your lifestyle and financial goals.

Our Skippered Charter Fleet on San Francisco Bay

If you want to own a boat in the San Francisco Bay area and want to reduce the cost of ownership, our Skippered Charter Fleet is the perfect solution.  Keep your personal yacht locally available to you and while you’re not using it, it’s making money in our skippered charter fleet.

Our fleet is used for day charters only and always with a vetted US Coast Guard licensed captain. Your boat has substantially less wear and tear than placing it in a traditional bareboat charter program. As part of your fleet benefits, your boat gets regular maintenance, cleanings and higher charter rates than a bareboat program.

Learn more about our fleet and download our Skippered Fleet Charter Placement Program 

We are the only private skippered charter fleet on the West Coast

Our fleet has both power yachts and sailing yachts in use. Larger yachts do very well in our fleet. Our charters are specialty charters for celebrations and special times in people’s lives.  They are looking for luxury and spaciousness and our Beneteau and Lagoon brands fulfill their expectations.  We also partner with local luxury hotels to provide unique and once in a lifetime guest experiences.

Managed Charter Fleets - Caribbean, Europe, or Asia

We are partnered with one of the most exclusive lifestyle charter companies in the world.  The major issues with charter placement away from your home base is having the secure knowledge that your asset is being cared for with utmost integrity and timeliness. Our partners must have the capabilities to provide first class service to remote owners and programs that guarantee the life and fitness of your yacht.

There is lots of marketing hype about international programs, but there are two basic programs offered., just a few different twists. The two programs for income generation have distinct differences from a tax standpoint. You choose the one that best aligns with your financial and time considerations.

Choose between:

  • Guaranteed income program that returns anywhere from 8-11% a year of the purchase price for up to 7 years (no tax benefits)
  • Traditional Yacht As A Business model where you actively manage your boat in the fleet, take all the tax benefits and earn as much as 13% of the purchase price per year.

For More Information Download Income Program Details

If you are dreaming of yacht ownership and desire a boat in locations like the BVI’s, Croatia, Greece, Italy or even Thailand, we have a program for you.  You have a choice of brands including Beneteau, Lagoon, Fontaine Pajot, Dufour, and Bali. See our download below for a detailed difference between the income programs.

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Mini Megayacht Ownership With Private Management

For Luxury Yachts Over 65'

If you are desiring a larger yacht (over 60′) to operate as a luxury charter destination yacht, we have the experience and expertise to place you with the world’s most experienced and dedicated specialists. A mini-megayacht requires specialized knowledge and services to be able to navigate the world and be available in charter destination world wide.  You will want the customized services and hand-holding through the process of choosing and equipping the yacht to crew selection and itinerary.

You choose the charter locations based on where you want to be in the world. You decide the number of seasons your yacht spends in each location. Vacation with your family and friends and when you’re not on board your crew will take care of your paying guests and help offset operating costs.

For more information on private management and 2022 -2023 yacht availability please contact us directly. 

Learn how to successfully operate your boat as a business and make boating part of your lifestyle now.


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