Recently we had a Stranded On A Desert Island Contest, where we had participants pretend they were dropped off by a cruise ship at a deserted island for a tour.
stranded on a desert island winner Blog Photo Card

The cruise ship then accidentally left them stranded never to return! In order to be rescued, they had to choose a Beneteau sail/power or Lagoon catamaran boat and answer the following questions:

You really want to get off this desert island so pick one boat to bring you back. Which boat would it be? And why?

This week we’re excited to announce the five lucky winners of our contest! We had a lot of submissions so it was a little tricky to pick only 5. Thank you to everyone who participated. If you have ideas of future contests you would love to experience please reach out to us and let us know your thoughts!

If your name is listed below then you’re one of the 5 lucky winners! We’ll be reaching out to you soon to get your info so we can mail your new Passage Nautical hat!

stranded on a desert island winner Blog Photo Card-11

1. Mark Karwowski

Boat Rescue Selected: Beneteau Oceanis 38.1

Reason: I would select the 38.1 since I am stranded and have to handle the boat myself. It asked which Yacht I would choose and that would be the 54. Bigger would be nicer, but sailing alone I would choose the smaller of the two choices. I didn’t choose a powerboat as it wasn’t clear how far I would have to go and fuel could be an issue.

2. Kendall Argast-Watson

Boat Rescue Selected: Lagoon 42

Reason: It’s my dream boat & I would actually stay on it & not ever go home!

3. Frederic Klaske

Boat Rescue Selected: Beneteau Gran Turismo 50

Reason: Since it’s just me, I need something that can go fast, and needs no other crew — because I’m off toe check out other islands I can see in the distance!

4. Ed Duncan

Boat Rescue Selected: Beneteau Oceanis 41.1

Reason: Perfect size, handles well and enough luxury for my recovery from desert island event.

5. Rusty Croom

Boat Rescue Selected: Beneteau Oceanis 51.1

Reason: Totally self sufficient and since its a dream, why not go for the best and largest!