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Are you ready to start creating your own life adventure story? This week we have resources to inspire you to take the leap of faith in creating your own boating adventure.

An important component of taking on any of life’s adventures is to change the way you think. Human behavior scientist, Jon Levy and author, Alfred A. Knopf share important wisdom to help you prepare mentally for any adventure. We also share how joining our powerboating club can be a great way to create your own boating adventure stories without having to own a boat.

1. The Science of Adventure

Did you know there’s a science to adventure? In this video, human behavior scientist Jon Levy shares his research and personal experiences on the road to adventure and reveals some of the most important keys to creating a life changing adventure in your own life.

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2. The Cure For Everything Is Salt Water

It’s one thing to write about boating or being on the water and another to actually go boating and be on the water. In this fascinating article author, Alfred A. Knopf shares his own experience with writing about Sailing and actually taking a Sailing course. His story takes him on a journey to discover how Salt Water is truly the cure for everything!

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3. Boating Without Owning

Ready to start creating your own boating adventure story but don’t want to take on all the costs and maintenance that comes with owning your own boat? Here are some reasons joining our powerboating club might be a good fit for you.

Boat clubs have been around for about 25 years and were born out of the realization that most boats spend the vast majority of their time sitting unused at a dock. With a boat club, you buy a membership into the club (paying somewhere between $1,000 to $5,000) and pay monthly fees of $150 to $500 to buy “unlimited” use in blocks of time for several kinds of boats, such as pontoon, fishing boats, or runabouts. The blocks are usually for four or eight hours at a time and can sometimes be combined in multiples of two, but overnights are often restricted. The fees cover nearly everything: the purchase of the boat, slip fees, insurance, repairs, maintenance. Members simply pay for gas and any deductible that applies if the boat is damaged. Most clubs have a ratio of 10 to 12 members per boat, and in theory, you can use the boats all you want, subject to prior reservations.

The Good News:

  • Boats are replaced with new ones regularly.
  • Insurance and towing coverage is usually included.
  • Some clubs have multiple locations where boats can be reserved across the country.
  • Some clubs allow you to book an available boat on the same day, and not count it toward your contracted number of uses in that period.

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